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Nunavut is our proud nation's youngest territory. Officially named in 1999, this beautiful, wintery land was settled by the Inuit people over 4,000 years ago. Sprawling to the northernmost tips of Canada, it covers an expansive 2,093,190 km2 and ends just below the North Pole. Despite being snowy year-round, Nunavut is home to approximately 38,000 loyal inhabitants, who thrive throughout its mild summers and icy winters.

Man with drum

The Last Great Frontier

At Frobisher Inn, you’re invited to explore this majestic land and honour its traditions. The Inuit were originally hunter-gatherers, who led a nomadic lifestyle for thousands of years. Many of their rich cultural practices continue today, like throat singing, drum dancing, fishing, carving and trapping.

Iqaluit means “place of many fish” in Inuktitut, the mother tongue spoken by 70% of Nunavut’s people, and sourcing the land for food is vital to preserving their roots. Inuit cuisine, which you’ll enjoy at our Frob Kitchen & Eatery, is rich in game meats, fresh seafood, and wild berries.

*Photos courtesy of Travel Nunavut .
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