The Frob Kitchen & Eatery Chef's Table Now Available!

Join us for a special private dining event at the Frob Kitchen & Eatery.
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Dining at the Frobisher Inn

At the Frobisher Inn we have something for everyone, from a high quality freshly brewed coffee and muffin at the Caribrew Cafe, a light lunch at the Frob Kitchen & Eatery, ice cold beer and chicken wings at the Storehouse Bar and Grill to an extraordinary dinner at  the newly created the Frob's Chef's Table, serving gourmet meals inside a working kitchen.

The Frob Kitchen & Eatery is now boasting a wine cellar holding over 1200 bottles of wine from around the world and we are sure you will find a suitable bottle to accommodate your taste.

Wine Cellar

Chef 's Table is a Hit!

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